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chocodecadence's Journal

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Chocolate Covered Decadence proudly presents:
Delightful Miniatures in 1:6, 1:4 and 1:3

Located in Germany, I offer you my talent to create beautiful food miniatures for you
I work with Polymer Clay, Silicon, Glass, Wood and Pastell Colors

My Doll Family
`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·Patisserie Millénaire`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

Name: Alessa
Birthday: 24.4.2009
Type: Bobobie Charisma Demon WS
About: Alessa was married to Maldaciel du Barliee, General of the White Knights. She gave birth to Lucien and Cheryl, before falling into depression, due to the high expectations from the nobility towards her, which she was unable to fullfil. Her husband was lost in the great war, so she and her children were left alone.

Name: Cheryl
Birthday: 16.11.2009
Type: Soom Beyla
About: Daughter of Alessa. Alessa did good keeping the great war away from her daughter. She's a very curious girl, but always at her mothers side. It is told she's suffering from Asperger syndrome. She loves to play with other kids and is very social. She loves fairs and the smell of wild flowers in the summer.

Name:Lucien du Barlieé
Birthday: 21.6.2010
Type: Soom Beyla
About: Lucien is Cheryl's young brother. While he is the Families heir, he is unable to take his fathers place on the battlefield because he was born without hooves. he has a rebellious attitude towards his fathers and his ambitions.

Name:General Madaciel du Barlieé
Birthday: 19.12.2009
Type: Soom Heliot
About: Madaciel du Barlieé is General during the Great Western War of the third Millenia. he left his wife and daughter to follow the call to arms. Since the Guerilla attack on the nothern heathers he is considered lost or killed.

Name:Alexander Fournworth
Birthday: 9.3.2011
Type: Soom Sphaler
About: Alexander is Cardinal of the White Empire. He supports Maldaciel in battle and is also his best friend. He's a loyal listener and calm. In his youth he lost his eyes when the black invaded his hometown and burned down the village. He got new mechanical eyes by the Vatican, but regrets it now and hides them beneath a blindfold.

Name:Frau Weiss
Birthday: 17.1.2011
Type: Loongsoul Yesha /Spiritdoll Hybrid
About: Frau Weiß reflects the Figure of the Queen. She works mainly undercover as she holds the Acsess Data to "The King", The Controll System of the white Empire.

Name:Liam von Raiffsen
Birthday: 12.04.2012
Type: Granado Hansel
About: Liam, who holds the Position of the White Tower, itself is an unpleasant character, who is indeed a great warrior and weapons specialist.He is a provocative chaotic, always in search of dispute and fighting.
No one likes to work with him or in his presence, but he is one of the most important men on the field and, therefore, essential.

Name: Jack (Naked Snake)
Birthday: 23.6.2009
Type: Iplehouse Luo
About: "Is there a way to take off my pants?"

Birthday: 14.11.2009
Type: Dollti Tinman Type B
About: Proxy is a robot. Sadly he does not know what a robot is. But he gives his best to meet the expectations.

Name:Loreley Chevallier
Birthday: 31.07.2010
Type: Limhwa Half Elf